How to Fix PHP Errors on Your WordPress Website

Learn how to fix PHP errors for your WordPress website without technical knowledge

PHP errors are an inevitable part of your website lifecycle. They can happen at any moment and lead to unpredictable consequences. In some cases, one single error can be the reason for losing a valuable customer, corrupting sensitive data, or a “door” for hackers to break a website. Regardless of the impact an error has on a website, it has to be addressed as soon as possible. Errors are a clear indicator that something is not working as expected.

Why do PHP errors occur?

Invalid input data is the most common reason for errors. Some part of the functionality receives data in a format that is not acceptable and this may lead to very unpredictable scenarios. The worse case scenario is corrupted output data that is stored to the database or file. When a website processes thousands of transactions per day and something is not working properly, then the website owner would have to manually fix thousands of records–and that could take weeks.

Other errors could come from the server where the WordPress website is running. For example a website can run on Linux or a Windows platform with Apache or IIS server, PHP 5 or 7, and a variety of libraries activated or deactivated. All these conditions have major implications on the way a website is executed and in some cases, lead to severe website malfunction.

Errors also occur from broken dependencies. A lot of plugins, extensions or themes relate to each other and when critical dependency is missing, this causes serious problems for a website. Our records indicate that this is one of the biggest reasons why so many websites crash.

How to fix PHP errors

If you have a strong development background, a lot of resources online can give you step-by-step instructions on fixing select errors with your website. For example, check out the CodePinch self-help knowledge base. This knowledge base is a trusted resource for PHP errors that leverages the extensive expertise of the same team of engineers who developed CodePinch. It can also be used to search for errors that CodePinch can automatically fix.

That said, fixing errors is not a simple task and for even the most experienced developer, it takes time. It is like trying to fix a broken car when you have little knowledge of how it should work properly. More often than not, when inexperienced users try to fix errors based on instructions from a forum, it results even more serious issues with the website. That is why we created the CodePinch plugin.

CodePinch is an automated website error fixing service that monitors your website 24/7 and reports the PHP errors to our centralized server. From here, our experts can analyze reported errors and prepare all necessary fixes for your website so it can run smoothly and error free.


If you do not have a technical background and your website experiences PHP errors, do not try to fix the broken source code yourself. This could cause even more severe issues! The fastest and easiest way to deal with PHP errors is to have the CodePinch plugin actively running on your website and let it resolve issues for you.

Fix WordPress PHP errors instantly with CodePinch!

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