Top 5 Must-Have Maintenance Plugins for Wordpress

Having an awesome and high quality website is great, but it can quickly go down hill if it is not constantly maintained.

Having an awesome and high quality website is great, but it can quickly go down hill if it is not constantly maintained. Much like your car, a lack of attention to your website will eventually result in worthless junk. That is why it is so important to keep your website up and running well at all times.

Luckily, the WordPress community is a great resource. For your convenience, we’ve listed a few wonderful plugins that simplify daily, boring maintenance routines. In most cases, they even automate tasks so you can stay focused on what truly matters – creating high quality content to grow your business. So here are a few WordPress website maintenance plugins that can help you to keep your website healthy:

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

It is important to keep a full backup of your website in case of an emergency. UpdraftPlus is popular and the most widely used backup plugin in the official WordPress repository. It has a paid version, but most likely you will be completely satisfied with the basic version.

Easy Updates Manager

WordPress is a hot target for a lot of amateur hackers. Typically, they find vulnerabilities in plugins which is why it is important to keep your plugins up-to-date, significantly minimizing the risk of being hacked. Easy Updates Manager plugin is a great solution to manage what needs to be updated automatically.

WP Maintenance Mode

Sometimes you need to shut down a website for a few hours to do new features deployment or simply clean-up and optimize it. This is a normal practice that even huge corporations like Google do at least once a year, taking the entire service down for a short period of time. A good practice is to inform your visitors that the website is currently under maintenance and WP Maintenance Mode is a great plugin to have for this purpose.

CodePinch – WP Error Fix

Any WordPress website, sooner or later, causes at least one PHP error. They are common issues because the WordPress CMS is so dynamic. There are a lot of plugins and themes available online that are constantly updated and it is only the matter of time until something gets broken. Luckily, the CodePinch plugin is an awesome tool that not only monitors your website for all kinds of PHP issues but it provides real solutions to fix them.

Imagify Image Optimizer

A lot of times website owners underestimate the importance of content optimization. While text content itself is very light, the “heavy” media assets are the reason why a website gets so slow. A plugin that optimizes any new media asset is a must-have. The Imagify Image Optimizer plugin is available for free from the official WordPress repository and has great ratings.


In the website lifecycle, maintenance is the longest and probably the most important phase. Neglecting to keep your website up-to-date eventually results in not only fatal errors that completely crash your website but also will directly impact your user-base. It is not mandatory to have all the plugins mentioned above but we would strongly recommend to have at least CodePinch and Imagify Image Optimizer.

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