How to Resolve PHP Warning cURL Library is Required


Warning notification on the CodePinch page.

PHP cURL library is required.


The PHP cURL library is probably the most popular library to perform remote requests to other servers. CodePinch depends on this library to communicate with our server and it will display this warning notification if the library is not installed or activated.


Before you start, please make sure that you have the ability to perform the following actions on your web server. Otherwise consider contacting your website hosting provider for assistance.

  • Compile PHP module
  • Restart Apache web server (to apply php.ini changes)

Read Me First

A majority of hosting providers have the PHP cURL library enabled by default. Likely the fastest way to resolve this issue is to contact your hosting provider’s support team to recompile your PHP module.


Recompile the PHP module with cURL library support as outlined in the official PHP documentation.

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